Big words for someone who has only been there once and obviously whatever I will write now is not right for everyone. But as Österlen is one of the favourite holiday destinations for Swedes within Sweden I suppose that the things that I liked most must be at least on the list for all the Österlen veterans as well.

So for me it’s the combination of stunning landscape with endless fields with colourful wild flowers framed by the baltic sea in the South and the East. It’s the calmness of the countryside and historic culture and charm of little villages like Simrishamn. And of course it is also the place to treat yourself with good food and relaxation.



IMG_3934 IMG_3919 IMG_3918 IMG_3914 IMG_3912Simrishamn really is a beauty. Especially when you are as lucky with the weather like we were. And besides beautiful historic buildings and street passages there are also some hidden treasures to do window shopping.

IMG_3915 IMG_3916 IMG_3917

And then, after a whole day of driving and walking around there is no better place to be than at a countryside spa/hotel with a generous relaxation area and a good selection of Gin for the evening talks in the warm Swedish summer. And yes, no mosquitoes at all down here. So if you have the chance, book a stay at Karlaby Kro as it is probably one of the nicest places I’ve stayed so far.

IMG_20160623_161700 IMG_20160623_161649 IMG_20160623_162012 IMG_20160623_162044