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Following Geishas through the old quarters of Kyoto

Continuing the walk in eastern Kyoto I walked to the Kodaji-ji Temple. It’s a more than 400 years old temple with a vast garden and bamboo forest attached to it. It’s crazy how big those bamboo trees grow in Japan compared to the ones I know from back in Germany.

Ginkakuji Temple

Path of Philosophy aka 10 miles of Buddhist temples and Shintu Shrines

If you are like me and want to see as much as possible without travelling from one sight to the other with lots of unworthy things in-between you’ll love eastern Kyoto. Starting with the north eastern Ginkakuji Temple you can follow the path of philosophy along the forest line all the way to the south eastern part of Kyoto …

Nishiki Food Market

Kyoto should be on top of your to-do list

So here is the deal, looking back at the 2 weeks I spent in Japan, Kyoto is probably the one place which conveys best what I had in mind when thinking of traditions and culture. If you want to see beautiful temples, shrines, gorgeous parks, lots of history and stories about ancient events and choose from a broad selection of different, delicious dishes and drinks…

Hiking Trail

Hiking like back in the Edo period

From lake Ashi back to Hakone Yumoto where I had my accommodation it was possible to follow a partially reserved hiking path from the Edo period. With its copper stones and crisscrossing over small rivers and through bamboo forests it had its very own charm and was certainly the better option than taking the bus.

Mt. Fuji

Leaving Tokyo for Mt. Fuji

After 3 days of big city vibes in Tokyo it was time to see Japan, and by that I mean countryside and nature. As most countries, the capital…

Golden Week Festives

Golden Week in Harajuku

One of the busiest holiday seasons in Japan is the Golden Week. Normally around the first week of May it combines 3 national holidays and is thus a common time to take the week off to travel with the family. Of course did I choose exactly this week for my stay in Tokyo which I was told resulted in even more people on the streets than usual.


Imperial palace = pause button

The area containing the imperial palace (Kōkyo) and the surrounding green park environment is called Chiyoda. It’s calm peacefulness and scarce buildings on a vast area with nothing…

Tokyo Skytree

Asakusa and the waterways to Hamarikyu Gardens

Leaving the modern grounds of Shinjuku I got some great recommendations about how to discover the eastern parts of Tokyo. So the plan was to start in the historic Asakusa quarter and then take a boat-ride south to the Hamarikyu Gardens from which I could easily discover the fish market and Ginza.

Shinjuku at night

Slurping noodles and smoking Sake

Shinjuku has it all: shops, nightlife, business, parks, charming back-alleys and of course Matsuya, the restaurant chain which provides typical Japanese breakfasts for little money.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Green and tasty – if you talk robot

Hungry as I was after arriving at the hostel, I decided to dive into the local cuisine immediately and thus asked the staff for a good local place around the corner. Generally, one of the best strategies I followed throughout my trip to discover real treasures. It always went like:
What’s the local thing here in this city and which restaurant can you recommend me for it?

Shinjuku Back-alley

Tokyo – Shinjuku – Where big meets small

The colourful, buzzing shopping and night-life district on the Western part of the Tokyo Yamanote loop line offers the perfect surrounding for a Tokyo base camp. From here you conveniently get to all other parts of the city .

NEX - Tokyo Bound

Arrival – Lost in Translation

The moment I stepped out into the arrival hall this scary but at the same time immensely refreshing feeling of being lost kicked in. I cannot remember the last time I’ve been travelling to any country where I could not at least make out what the signs are saying.