Last fall I made my first ever trip to India. The purpose of the trip was a wedding ceremony in Coimbatore so there won’t be any pictures of this on this blog. But I want to share some of the pictures I took before and after the week of ceremony.

First stop was in Kochi at the west coast of India. We had a full day there and got toured around with a personal driver that showed us some of the highlights. There are quite a lot of interesting historic places to be found tracing back the Portuguese, then Dutch and then British history. Did you for instance know that the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first explorer to reach India by sea which led him to the Kerala? The church in which he was originally buried can be visited in Kerala, too.

We got to see both a traditional fishing technique at the beach as well as a traditionally laundry house which is in use up until today.

We later also took a daytrip to Adiyogi closeby Coimbatore which is a popular pilgrimage to Yoga followers. It’s also the worlds biggest bust statue.