Beautiful, charming Lisbon.  I heard lots of positive things about Lisbon before I travelled there myself for the first time but yet I was stunned by Lisbon. The authenticity of the remaining old core of the city with its little districts spread around the hilltops and the river-shore on the South it has all you good wish for and more. Beautiful old architecture, charming restaurants and bars with great sea food, good weather – even in the  winter months – and lots of culture both new and old. It seems like you can still see that Portugal once was the leading nation on the sea, discovering the new world and the first European nation to maintain trading routes via the sea with Asia.

One of the nicest areas to take a stroll, enjoing the view, the food and the stores is Bairro Alto.

And everywhere you can see the famous tram tracks winding its way through the city.

What I liked most was enjoying the sun, sitting outside and enjoying the fact, that although it was early January I could sit outside like a Swedish spring day.

Another, even more narrow neighbourhood, is Alfama, the old town surrounding the castle. It’s also the area most famous for the traditional Lisbon Fado music.

And once you are on top, you get to enjoy the view.

And yes, it is not San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge, instead it is the 25th of April bridge in Lisbon.

And I promised sea food so here is some of the yummy stuff I ate.

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