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From Karlskrona to Kalmar – bloody Swedish history

Leaving Skåne with a last step-over in Kivik to enjoy the sea and a refreshment in the insanely hot Swedish summer we were heading towards Karlskrona. Most famous outside Sweden nowadays probably for the Soviet submarine diplomatic conflict in the 80’s when a Soviet submarine ran ashore just outside Karlskrona at one of the hundreds islands.

The essence of Österlen

Big words for someone who has only been there once and obviously whatever I will write now is not right for everyone. But as Österlen is one of the favourite holiday destinations for Swedes within Sweden I suppose that the things that I liked most must be at least on the list for all the Österlen veterans as well.

No ale but Ale’s Stones – beautiful Kåseberga

When in Österlen, the most southeastern part of Skåne, I think it should be mandatory to make a stop at Kåseberga if you haven’t been there before. And no, it is not pronounced Kaseberga but Koseberga as the Swedish “å” is pronounced like an “o”.

Beach and Beach

Probably one of the finest beaches in Sweden is the beach at Falsterbo at the most South-Western part of Skåne. Endless sandy beach and calm dunes to take shelter from the wind and relax in private.

Calm cycling in Vittsjö and highspeed in Ängelholm

Probably the best way to enjoy the beautiful rural countryside of Skåne is by cycling.

Skåne and the South – Draisine riding in Glimminge

In the short period what is worth calling summer up here in Sweden it is worth to stay in the country and discover the vast beautiful nature. It’s the period when Swedes try to spend every second out in the sun to get enough sun tan to make it through the winter. The crazy travel period always starts with Midsummer and lasts until mid August so if you want it calm I suggest going on a trip the weeks prior to Midsummer like I did back in June this year.