Probably one of the finest beaches in Sweden is the beach at Falsterbo at the most South-Western part of Skåne. Endless sandy beach and calm dunes to take shelter from the wind and relax in private.

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Without the mass of tourists like you would have it at any Mediterranean beach it is the perfect spot to sit in the dunes and watch the horizon far beyond the windy sea. The open sea, to me, is the representation of freedom.

IMG_3876Trying to have a swim turned out to be too fresh that day, though. The ducks did not mind the weather at all in the nearby river.

IMG_3859After the beach near Falsterbo we continued at the beach a bit more north, at Bjärred to eat lunch at Bjerreds Saltsjöbad. Out on the peer several hundred metres away from the coastline in the open waters the fish tastes even better. And the view back to the Öresund Bridge is stunning, too.

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