According to Wikipedia, Visby is the best preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and as such a UNESCO world heritage. And I have to say it is not only old but also a real beauty. With all its fancy restaurants and boutiques it must be the fancy lady of medieval cities. The thing that was most apparent to me was the fact that Visby with all its riches and classiness somewhat seemed like a massive contrast to the rest of Gotland with its more alternative, crafty and free-spirit kind of lifestyle.  If you put it in Stockholm dimensions, it’s like Visby is Stureplan placed adjacent to Södermalm.

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…and of course delicious food from Restaurang Rosengården! I had the fillet of lamb ”Bourguignon” with lamb sausage, smoked lamb belly, mushrooms, pearl onions and roasted new potatoes with Rosengårdens wood garlic gremolata.


And for dessert, saffron cake.img_20160627_195505