Bergen, old Hanse city, isolated at the west coast of Norway, surrounded by 7 mountains and build alongside lakes and fjords at the bottom of all the mountains like a ants nest is the one city you have to visit in Norway if you only have the chance to choose one. Sorry Oslo but for me you only rank third after Bergen and Trondheim.

Yes, Bergen has probably the worse weather conditions than the always blamed British rain as it took me three visits until I had my first weekend without rain but the vibrant and beautiful city with its charming corner coffee places, restaurants, bars and boutiques makes you forget that you need sun 365 days a year to enjoy a city stroll. Also choosing the mountain of your choice for a hiking trip you’ll realise that the locals are super active in any sort of outdoor activities hiking, climbing, mountain running, paragliding, etc. and nobody seems to bother about the weather conditions. I mean just have a look at the view you get from Mount Ulriken:


This time I had the chance to try the new 11 mm lense I bought which gives such an amazing wide-angle. I still have to figure out how to get the most out of it though. Lucky as I am I had the best local guide you could ask for as a good friend of mine is living in Bergen. The downside of this is that I also got to enjoy the real nightlife in Bergen which made it impossible for me to take pictures the day after as I could not be bothered to carry the camera around with me. So no city pictures this time. However, I made some architectural shots from the Minde area which has a lot of traditional wooden housing as well as more modern featured buildings.

img_4190 img_4192 img_4197 img_4198 img_4199 img_4201 img_4187 img_4202