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#8 from Bergen back to Oslo via Geilo

The road back to Oslo we followed the beautiful winding roads along the fjords and over the mountains and made a hiking stopover at Geilo. First great picture taking spot was in Undredal to enjoy the stunning view over the Aurlandsfjord.

#7 on road to Bergen

Bergen is always a  great destination to go to so obviously it was part of our roadtrip. Compared to my previous visits I had the fortune to drive to Bergen along the fjords instead of flying in. What a route.

#6 Hiking to Buerbreen Glacier

Fjords, mountains, lakes and of course the sea gives Norway its unique, beautiful landscape. So for our next hiking adventure we decided to something we hadn’t done before and hike up to one of the glaciers; in this case the Buerbreen next to Odda. 

#5 Ferries and tiny mountain roads to Tyssedal

Leaving from Stavanger we headed north taking the ferry over the fjord to Tau.

#4 Crowded Preikestolen

There are probably two world renowned hiking trips in Norway, Preikestolen and Trolltunga. So the shorter trip of the two was also on our list. So we from our base in Stavanger we took the ferry crossing the Lysefjord on the way to the starting point of the 4 hour long hiking tour.

#3 Kristiansand to Stavanger

On the road following the first route recommendation from Kristiansand to Stavanger along the coast and through the Byrkjedal valley. At this point this really was when the landscape started to shape into an amazing collage of lakes, mountains, the sea and an unbelievable blue sky.

#2 – Oslo to Kristiansand

#2 – Oslo to Kristiansand: seemed like a no-brainer that in order to do a roundtrip Oslo – Oslo we somehow had to get to the most southern point of Norway. Unfortunately of all the route recommendations we found there was non that covered the part between those two cities. It seemed like all routes either start from Oslo north- and westbound or from Kristiandsand continuing westwards.

Norway – a roadtrip through the South

This year’s summer roadtrip led me to the beautiful fjords, mountains and coastlines of southern Norway.  By now many months have passed since I had  the pleasure to experience one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europa, but this makes it even nicer now to think back of the two beautiful weeks I had.

Bergen – Cloudy pearl in the Norwegian fjords

Bergen, old Hanse city, isolated at the west coast of Norway, surrounded by 7 mountains and build alongside lakes and fjords at the bottom of all the mountains like a ants nest is the one city you have to visit in Norway if you only have the chance to choose one. Sorry Oslo but for me you only rank third after Bergen and Trondheim.