A day of from work while being abroad in  a different country – obviously that calls for a short trip to experience some of the local sights and food. So although time was limited the route map contained a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth town of  Shakespeare, as well as a stopover at Warwick.

And as it is kinda mandatory for every British city to have a Ferris Wheel, Stratford had one, too.

Our choices might have been not of the highest culinary standards but after an unpleasantly long wait, the burger tasted like final fulfilment.

In Warwick we then arrived unfortunately too late to get into the castle so we only caught a glimpse from outside the fortification.

We made up for it with a nice dinner at the Saxon Mill which is beautifully located at the river Avon. After all the burgers I also decided to go for a vegetarian Hallumi dish this time.