Fjords, mountains, lakes and of course the sea gives Norway its unique, beautiful landscape. So for our next hiking adventure we decided to something we hadn’t done before and hike up to one of the glaciers; in this case the Buerbreen next to Odda.

The route was described as an easy, not too long hike but as we experienced with our Preikestolen experience this evaluation is not really saying anything about the condition of the patch itself. The route was fantastic but had lots of climbing parts on it which required the use of ropes to get up the rocks. I thought it was amazing and a entirely new hiking experience. It was obvious though that not all the fellow hikers we met were satisfied with the unexpected twist on their easy hiking plans.

On that particular day it was really hot, even up there in the mountains, so it was really refreshing that the route starts at the bottom of the mountain in a patch of forest. All over the place you had tiny creeks with water from the melting glacier. Once we broke through the forest and reached the rocky part above the treeline we had the warm sun on us again. However, the route continued along a bigger river, filled with the ice-cold water directly from the glacier and a strong, gasping current. Whenever the wind turned and brought a breeze from across the river the air temperature dropped significantly.