Bergen is always a  great destination to go to so obviously it was part of our roadtrip. Compared to my previous visits I had the fortune to drive to Bergen along the fjords instead of flying in. What a route.

Leaving from our hotel in Tyssedal we headed to Eidfjord to enjoy the picturesque landscape with a coffee and pastries.

Another amazing spot to look down at the fjord you get from Kjeåsen, an old isolated farm which is only reachable through a tiny support tunnel build for a nearby hydro-power station.

From there we headed to Bergen and had a great dinner with fish and soup to collect some energy before next day’s walk through the city. Of course we also did a visit to Ulriken to enjoy the view over Bergen.

P.s.: for you guys who read my blog and previous comments on earlier Bergen visits: yes, this time I actually got to see sunny Bergen for the first time.