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Gates everywhere

The last highlights I had in Kyoto where the Sanjusangendo Temple and the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine.

Once the first capital of Japan now eaten by deers

The history of Japan as a united country with one capital started in what is today the Kansai region. With Kyoto as the long reigning capital of Japan its history is as rich as glorious. However, Kyoto has not been the first capital but instead it has been Nara which only lies half-an-hour train ride away from Kyoto which has been the first capital of Japan in 710 AD.

Following Geishas through the old quarters of Kyoto

Continuing the walk in eastern Kyoto I walked to the Kodaji-ji Temple. It’s a more than 400 years old temple with a vast garden and bamboo forest attached to it. It’s crazy how big those bamboo trees grow in Japan compared to the ones I know from back in Germany.

Path of Philosophy aka 10 miles of Buddhist temples and Shintu Shrines

If you are like me and want to see as much as possible without travelling from one sight to the other with lots of unworthy things in-between you’ll love eastern Kyoto. Starting with the north eastern Ginkakuji Temple you can follow the path of philosophy along the forest line all the way to the south eastern part of Kyoto …

Kyoto should be on top of your to-do list

So here is the deal, looking back at the 2 weeks I spent in Japan, Kyoto is probably the one place which conveys best what I had in mind when thinking of traditions and culture. If you want to see beautiful temples, shrines, gorgeous parks, lots of history and stories about ancient events and choose from a broad selection of different, delicious dishes and drinks…

Japan – the kind and tasty beauty

If you stay hungry in Japan you are doing everything wrong you could possibly do wrong.