On the road following the first route recommendation from Kristiansand to Stavanger along the coast and through the Byrkjedal valley. At this point this really was when the landscape started to shape into an amazing collage of lakes, mountains, the sea and an unbelievable blue sky.

The first stop we did was in Flekkefjord to grab a coffee and have a look at our first traditional wooden church. As it turned out only the first of many.

Continuing further it was hard to decide where to make a picnic as all the lakes provided a stunning scenery. I think the one we chose looks quite nice.

The best stop though on this route was Sogndalstrand. A picturesque, wooden 18th century settlement with so many different colours and charming flower decorations.

Arriving in Stavanger after a long day of driving we had a wonderful dinner with fresh fish in the charming old town at a wonderful gastro pub På Kornet with a massive selection of local beer.